Exported to Indonesia slaughter line with 3000 chicken per hour

This is a complete broiler slaughtering project, including live poultry conveying, live poultry hanging, poultry cage cleaning, electric stunning, slaughtering, scalding, defeather, automatic head cutting, claw cutting, evisceration, pre-cooling, segmentation, and packaging.

  • The broiler slaughter process flow is as follows: Cage separating - hanging live chickens - sedation - electric anesthesia (optional) - slaughtering - draining blood - scalding - depilation - cutting claws.

  • Cage separation-hanging chicken-sedation-stunning-slaughter-bleeding-scalding-feather removal-head and claw cutting-open crop- cut open the chest -evisceration- Cleaning inside and out-carcass inspection-pre-cooling (bottom hanging)-segmentation-quick freezing - Repack - Freeze.

  • How to start the chicken slaughter project, how to carry out the overall design and planning, How to determine my production scale, how to calculate the amount of slaughter per hour ?

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