Broiler Slaughtering and Processing Flow One


Broiler Slaughtering and Processing Flow One

    The broilers are unloaded from the truck that transports the chickens until the feathers are removed. The technological process is as follows: Cage separating - hanging live chickens - sedation - electric anesthesia (optional) - slaughtering - draining blood - scalding - depilation - cutting claws.   

    The function of the cage separating is to automatically divide the chicken cages of 7 cages into one cage and transport them to the hanging chicken conveyor belt. The chicken are hang from the running chicken coop to the hook of the slaughtering conveyor line. After the chicken is hung on the conveyor line, it should first run in the dark passage for 30-40 seconds, and the live chicken will be sedated before slaughtering. If it is a non-halal slaughter, you can choose to use a water-bath electric stunner machine before slaughtering. The electric anesthesia time is 8-10 seconds and the voltage is between 35-60 volts. Both alternating current and direct current are possible.                                                            After the chicken is slaughtered, the bleeding time is 3-5 minutes, and the bleeding time is adjusted according to the weight of the chicken. If the draining time is too short, it will lead to unclean draining of the blood and affect the quality of the chicken. Excessive leaching time is not good for feathering, and it will also cause weight loss and reduce meat yield.                                                                                The chicken body after draining blood enters the scalding machine. The requirements for the scalding machine are mainly to ensure the scalding time, the scalding temperature, and the uniformity of the water temperature in the scalding pool. The temperature difference of the water in the scalding pool should be no more than 0.5 degrees Celsius. Our company's scalding machines are all equipped with automatic temperature control, which can effectively ensure the uniformity of the water temperature in the scalding machine. The situation of water turning in the scalding machine also has a great influence on the scalding effect. After many tests, when the scalding time is set to 82 seconds and the scalding temperature is 58.1 degrees Celsius, the feather removal effect is good. There was no blanching of the chicken breasts either.                                                                                                            The position of the feather removal machine should be next to the scalding machine, and the chicken should enter the feather removal machine immediately after being scalded. Appropriate amount of warm water should be sprayed above the feather removal machine to lubricate the rubber rod and chicken body for hair removal. The water temperature is set at 35-38 degrees Celsius. In order to remove hair cleanly, it is necessary to ensure enough hair removal time. Hair removal time is more than 30 seconds. For medium and large broiler slaughterhouses, a rough depilator and a fine depilator should be configured.                                                                                                                                      The rotation speed of the leather finger plate of the hair removal machine also has an impact on the quality of hair removal. If the rotation speed is too fast, the impact of the leather finger plate on the chicken body is too large, which is easy to damage the chicken body and cause broken wings and broken claws. The speed of the sebum disc is too slow, which is not conducive to feathering. After years of practical exploration, the speed of the primary feather removal machine is 950 rpm, and the speed of the fine hair removal machine is 750 rpm. The hardness of the sebum (rubber finger) also has a direct impact on the hair removal effect. Usually, the hardness of the leather finger is Shore A45-50.        After depilation, the chicken body is automatically cut by the automatic claw cutting machine, and the chicken body after cutting the claws enters the viscera area.

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