Chicken slaughter machine one-stop service

Shandong Mingshun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale manufacturer of slaughtering equipments, including development and production. The name we've used in the past is Zhucheng Xincheng Mingshun Machinery Company. We have complete machining and equipment manufacturing equipment such as high-precision laser cutting machines, plate shears, bending machines, etc., which can control product quality from the source and ensure high product quality. We can make a complete slaughter line. Our products are transported from the bird cage, including the bird cage cleaning machine and the bird cage lifting platform, electric stunner machine, scalding machine, plucker machine, including primary plucker machine and fine plucker machine, head and neck feather removal machine and horizontal feather removal machine, automatic cutting head and cutting feet machine, automatic unhook machine, carcass washing machine, spiral pre-cooling machine, weight grading scale, up ...

Shandong Mingshun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhucheng Stantham Industry and Trade Co., Ltd as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Mingshun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We are a company that integrates the R&D and production of poultry slaughtering equipment, poultry slaughtering lines, large and medium-sized roast duck ovens, large and medium-sized frying machines, spiral steaming machines and other food machinery and equipment, and A comprehensive professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise integrating international trade. The company was founded in 2009 and was originally named Zhucheng Xincheng Mingshun Machinery Co., Ltd. Due to the growth of the company's business, it was renamed Shandong Mingshun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2022.

  • Exported to Indonesia slaughter line with 3000 chicken per hour

    This is a complete broiler slaughtering project, including live poultry conveying, live poultry hanging, poultry cage cleaning, electric stunning, slaughtering, scalding, defeather, automatic head cutting, claw cutting, evisceration, pre-cooling, segmentation, and packaging.

  • Compact slaughter line shipped to Nigeria, Africa

    This container slaughterhouse is a compact slaughter line, from hanging live poultry, slaughtering, draining blood, scalding, feather removal, and pre-cooling.

  • Broiler Slaughtering and Processing Flow One

    The broiler slaughter process flow is as follows: Cage separating - hanging live chickens - sedation - electric anesthesia (optional) - slaughtering - draining blood - scalding - depilation - cutting claws.